Concrete Foundations

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Concrete Foundations

Concrete Foundations | Concrete Now - Midland, TX

Concrete foundations are more than just a code requirement, they literally hold your building up. At Concrete Now of Midland, TX, we understand that foundations should be poured with care and expertise to give your building the strength and stability it needs to support and create a quality, long-lasting structure. We are committed to a level of service and professionalism that we don’t believe you can get from our competition.

You depend on the concrete foundations in your home and business to support you every day. If they are weak or crumbling, you, your family, and your business associates could be in grave danger. That is why the foundation of a building is the very first thing you plan and build on a new work site. When you start your project, think of us. We think you will get a better overall building because of our high-tech equipment and very qualified teams.

When you are constructing a new home or business, let us bring in highly-trained crews experienced in pouring the foundation you need, including:

• Traditional Pours—We can pour traditional concrete foundations straight, level, and true.

• Insulated Concrete Forms—The latest rage in concrete foundation construction, ICFs are a quick way to pour complicated foundations and add insulation to the finished project.

• Precast Concrete Foundations—Foundation walls, retaining walls, fireplace mantels, and a whole host of other elements can be created in our precast concrete plant.

Don’t let your concrete foundation pour go awry, get our experienced crews on your site and pouring your foundations; we guarantee you will be happy that you did. Contact Concrete Now for high-quality, long-lasting foundations that you can count on for decades to come.