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Concrete Foundations | Concrete Now

Concrete foundations are more than just a code requirement, they literally hold your building up. At Concrete Now of Midland, TX, we understand that...

Concrete Driveways | Concrete Now

When you need expertly poured concrete driveways in Midland, TX, contact Concrete Now for professional service and a quality product...

Precast Concrete Construction | Concrete Now

Great precast concrete construction service isn’t something that you can come across easily in Midland, TX, unless you come across...

Concrete driveways, retaining walls, and walkways from Concrete Now are long-lasting and look great!

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Concrete Now is the premier precast concrete and site concrete construction company in Midland, TX. We take pride in pouring affordable, quality foundations, driveways, walkways, and walls for a variety of residential and commercial projects throughout the city. We believe in providing customer service that is as good as our work, because we don’t want your business for just one job, we want your business for every job.

Whether you are building your dream home or creating a new commercial enterprise, your buildings have to have excellent foundations. At Concrete Now we don’t think that means just level and plumb, we think it means giving you more for your money than you will get from any other concrete contractor. More service, more quality, more craftsmanship from us because we know that we are creating the foundation you build on.

Concrete driveways are a beautiful way to add an affordable, long-lasting, low-maintenance element to a new home or landscape.

Don’t let ambivalence about concrete foundations, walls, and driveways stall your next building or landscape project. Call Concrete Now and get a great job, a great rate, and great satisfaction.